Akinolu Infinity

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Auto Mechanic for Japanese Cars


Gbenga is a really great mechanic, I've known him for 7 years and not once have I had any issues around integrity. He does a really great job on cars, and has good knowledge around mechanical errors. There was one time when I called him at 10pm as my car wasn't changing gears and he came all the way from his place in Surulere. By the time he got there he discovered it was actually a button on the gear stick that needed a heavy nudge and Viola it got going again. I was shocked he didn't pretend it was something graver as this is the usual behaviour for most mechanics. He simply nudged it and said, there you go..I was like how much for this? He said Oga..I really cant charge you for doing this, just sort my transport back home and anything you want...I was really shocked at his level of integrity. He's a really great guy.

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Auto Mechanic for Japanese Cars


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Akinolu Infinity

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Auto Mechanic for Japanese Cars
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