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wow the comments below are scary i must say oh. very bad comments and very good comments. lord help me. i hope i get a very good experience cause i just bought their tickets.


first time i went to Naturally U was 2015, i got this very cheap deal on dealdey, i thought they will treat me based on the amount i paid, lo and behold i was treated so well, very friendly young lady, i was overwhelmed by her service, though the distance is a bit far for me but i duff my cap for them.


The Spa is very unprofessional . When we arrived the woman we met was busy arguing with a client and was very rude to her, she even told the lady that came with the client to stand up for someone to sit down, which is very unprofessional as she could become a potential client someday . The massage bed i used had no hole on it . This was d first time i did a pedicure session with cold water , they claimed no lite and i felt they would ve informed us before we started the session or go out of their way to get hot water for a proper pedicure .The pedicure was also wishy-washy , When i complained she told her girl to tell me to come back anoda day wen they had lite . The pedicure was also not done very well .You would think I was not paying for the service . The facials lasted for like 15mins . The girls are ok but the woman is very rude and she needs to change her ways . I doubt i will go back to Naturally u spa anytime soon . Dealday needs to screen vendors before allowing them transact biz with them . she also kept shouting on the fone dat deal day havent paid her and she wil start rejecting customers . i dont think dat information was necesscary for us to know.It was not a serene and relaxing environment even with the slow music playing in the background .


Well I just bought a ticket on dealdey and would be visiting with a certified oriental masseuse. So watch right here, for a professional and objective review.
Appointment is for 1pm.


Naturally U is a good and clean SPA. The Massage bed I used had a hole in it for the head.
Passing towels between you and another customer? that's a No No. The Towels were clean and fresh.
The Masseuse always knocks before entering the room and are always professional.
Doro Bucci Music at Naturally U Spa? Not True. Definitely not true. Music here is calm and relaxing

This sounds like a very different place from the Naturally U spa I used on Norman Williams. Are they 2 Naturally U Spas?
I have used this Spa at #90 Norman Williams Ikoyi, will continue to use it and will recommend it to people.

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Naturally U Spa

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