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Remol Event Managers:
Toyosi (Event Planner)
Remol Event Managers has been my official decorator for two years. She never disappointed and always keeps to her words. The last decor she did for me was beautiful and I was wowed.


Remol Event Managers:
Adeola at Class Event Center, NAPTIN, Adelabu Road, Surulere, Lagos. On 30th January, 2016.
Thank you so much Remol Event Managers. I'm really wowed. The decoration looked absolutely fantastic. You made my day


Remol Event Managers
Ik at Anchor Event Center on 30th January, 2016:
I would like to thank Remol Event Managers for a job well done on my wedding day. Thank you for keeping to your words and your job spoke for itself.
All I did and it was by chance, was to confirm your dedication and expertise. This was my response to anyone that asked me about your job.


Wait a minute...i am a satisfied client and you are currently talking about the organization i have known for years...seen a lot of jobs she done and lot of jobs I've given her as well. as an event planner I revoke all you've said...its not true and for the record Remol Event Managers is one of a kind.


Do not use remol event for any of your event because she will start of nice with you but once she collect's the payment she becomes totally rude and won't pick up your call and if she does finally pick up while you are talking to her she will hang up and she will do a messed up deco for you and she won't be there on that day to overlooked whatever her boy's with"seven years" experience will do and also she wont pick up your calls again she will also block you of what's app this was all what she did to my sis on her wedding day and it was of recent (Dec 26 2015) we ended up renting all what we used for the deco that morning from a rental shop and we did every single thing our self so beware of REMOL EVENTS she Dubious.

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Remol Event managers

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